The Community Social Administrator - CSA

Most political leaders around the world have failed to deliver on their promises, most often due to lack of will power or capacity to do what the people needs. DeDiary is a community based solution to awaken consciousness and encourage proper documentation of community progresses and trends for future appraisal. 

Who Is A CSA

A CSA is a person appointed and responsible for the management of his or her City/Community page on DeDiary.

It is new and non political, a rare opportunity to be an honorable agent of change and development to your desired or chosen community.

It is a social service that is primarily voluntary but secondarily rewarding.

Highlights For CSAs:

  • To use this opportunity to connect people for better development of their communities.
  • Ensure every vital event and development in the life of their community is recorded on their page.
  • Give every community a voice and window to show the world what they have.
  • Ensure every leader either appointed or elected gets a true record of his stewardship (good or bad) that can be publicly verified and referenced. 
  • To promote good leadership and encourage better performance from leaders.
  • A CSA has a ten year tenure, renewable if desired.
  • Where community feedback of incompetence or lack of commitment is received and established, a CSA shall be suspended. Termination shall be at the discretion of DeDiary.
  • A CSA can create and manage multiple communities provided they are near and approved by DeDiary.
  • Must be resident in one of the communities s/he represents.
  • Must understand the community native language if any.
  • A CSA must know that the post confers on him/her the status of a leader, representative, coordinator or reporter.

Appointment of CSAs

Royal Fathers or Community leaders shall be privileged to recommend anyone for this post where applicable. However, DeDiary reserves the right to reject, override or appoint based on requirements contained here.

Where a community has more than one Royal Father of equal status or involved in any battle of supremacy, DeDiary shall independently appoint to represent such community. 


Must be a graduate (HND/BSc), not less than 25 years, with good communication skill and good use of the social media.

Duties Of A CSA

  1. Research, create a community page and upload details based on the guidelines detailed below;
    1. History - Apart from the ancient cities, every communities has history unwritten and unknown to many and as a result will be lost with time if not documented.
    2. Culture - Communities have cultures and norms that are unique and preservable.
      1. Heritage
      2. Marriage
      3. Belief and Taboos
      4. Festivals
    3. Development - Modern development started a long time ago and should be  tracked and appraised to know if our communities are making progress in-line with acceptable standards, with reference to the following sectors;
      1. Infrastructure
      2. Education
      3. Health
      4. Agriculture
      5. Industry and Economy
      6. Social (e.g Carnivals and music etc)
    4. Leaders - Every community has both traditional and political leaders whose stewardship should be tracked and documented for better performance.
      1. Achievements
    5. Youth Development - As the leaders of the future, we must consciously invest in their development and have this on record per time. (What have we done and what are we doing for the youths in our community).
    6. Hall Of Fame - Let those who contribute to the lifting of people and development of their communities be featured on the Hall of Fame of their respective communities and let this be a useful reference tool to know those worthy of honor in the public and be part of their history.
    7. Updates - Giving every community a voice to reach out in times of challenge and development by creating link with media houses, security department and government.
      1. Community Challenges
      2. News
  2. If already created, he shall manage the existing page for desired Community, Town or City on DeDiary
  3. Ensure the history is correct and complete as much as possible by consulting community leaders and relevant stakeholders. 
  4. Introduce himself and DeDiary to the Traditional Leaders where applicable and maintain active contact with them. 
  5. Maintain active contact with Community Development Association where it exists.
  6. Mobilize members and indigene at home and in diaspora to connect and follow their Community developments.
  7. Manage the wall responsibly to earn the trust of the community people.
  8. Document development works done by the political leaders creating a unique (#)Hashtag created for each leader, with supporting images.
  9. Inform community members of new opportunities relevant to the community as it unfolds.
  10. Inform community members of new developments relevant to the community as it unfolds.
  11. Disseminate general messages or information as may be received from DeDiary Headquarters or appropriate regional hub.
  12. Must ensure the authenticity of all information before sharing on community wall.
  13. Post announcements as directed by the Traditional/Community Leader where applicable
  14. Coordinate the nomination of prospective members of the E-Parliament - this shall be open to any category of persons interested in national development and political leadership.
  15. E-Parliamentarians shall be selected from the nominations, based on merit.
  16. A CSA may (if necessary) constitute a team of forward looking youths to assist in the administration of his city.

Operational Regulations

  1. Must not propagate fake news and gossips.
  2. Must contact DeDiary for approval before notifying the community of any independent development opportunities received from NGOs or Independent external bodies.
  3. Does not need to notify DeDiary of development originating from the Government or Political Leaders before dissemination
  4. Must not be biased in documenting or reporting political or religious developments but to state based on verifiable fact.
  5. Must post ONLY information relevant or useful to their community specifically.
  6. Must not disseminate or succumb to pressure to disseminate messages that are capable of causing public disorder, panic or breakdown of law and order no matter its source.
  7. Will be responsible and accountable for any wrong information or misinformation.
  8. If the support team members constituted by a CSA are given the privilege to post, they shall also be responsible for any wrong information.
  9. A CSA can be suspended on the basis of misconduct or terminated if necessary.
  10. Any CSA who wish to be politically active must resign prior to making his desire a public knowledge


A CSA shall be entitled to benefit from all locally generated adverts targeted towards his/her community wall. Details to be provided privately to interested persons.

How To Become A CSA

  • You must be a member of DeDiary by having an active account
  • Have a specific city/community in mind to manage
  • Check eligibility requirements for CSA and ensure you are qualified.
  • Read through the "Duties of CSAs" and be sure you are willing
  • Check if the city/community is already created or not.
  • If not, send a letter of interest (LOI) of not more than 1000 words to
  • LOI must contain your personal profile, the community of interest and its last estimated population.
  • You will be notified on the status of your application.


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